Life changing skin results

Creating skin confidence even without the need for makeup

The CL Skin Story...

Hi, I’m Chantal and my absolute LOVE of clearing skins and creating happiness and confidence through skin actually started with myself! 

In my early 20’s I had acne to the point, I wouldn’t leave the house without makeup. 

It was a dream of mine to be able to just drop down to the shops or head out the door without having to apply a full face of makeup to cover my blotchy, uneven, bumpy skin…

I lost trust in a lot of skin care brands, skin and beauty professionals since nothing seemed to clear my skin.

I trialled and tested basically everything to clear my skin as well as doing extra skin courses on ingredients to figure out how to clear my skin. 

It really was a confusing, lonely and stressful time, since it seemed everyone around me had beautiful skin…

Fast forward to today, I’ve created my business around my experience and are now treating thousands who feel exactly how I did.

My team and I make it easy for people to understand their skin, guide them with the right solution to their skin concern and are creating skin confidence in people even without the need for makeup DAILY!

Skin Journey highlights

  • Start off with our 1 hr Advanced Skin Consultation 
  • Take a look at your skin beneath the surface with our advanced skin analyser
  • Receive your very own personalised treatment plan 
  • A full ingredient analysis on everything you apply to your skin
  • Learn more in depth about your own skin + how to prevent future skin issues
  • Be guided with highly trained skin therapists who are just as dedicated as you are to achieving your skin goals
  • Medical grade strength treatments + products that actually deliver the results
  • Revisit your before photos + see the transformation. 
  • Be supported along the way with regular check ins 


Regain that confidence that somehow got lost along the way. There is a solution to clearer skin and you can achieve the skin of your dreams with highly trained skin therapists who can all relate to you (we’ve all had our own fair share of bad skin). 

We’re here to hold your hand through this life changing skin journey. 


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Stop wondering and guessing of how to fix your skin.
Stop wasting your money on products or facials that aren’t getting you your desired results.
Begin your skin journey with the right information and experienced therapists today. 



Believe it or not, but your water intake, diet, sleep, stress levels and sooooo much more play a HUGE part on your skin. 

We can help you with your skin but if there are factors in your life that are contributing to your skin concerns, these need to be addressed ASAP to achieve your ultimate skin results. 

Although some factors are out of scope for us to advise on like diet etc, we help to refer you on (if needed) 

All team members have gone under extensive training so we can help advise on certain lifestyle factors where necessary. 

Our main focus is to find the cause of your issue and work on fixing this first. 



Every time you come to see us for a treatment, we are upping your skin results.

You’ll then go home and support these results with high grade medical grade skin care. 

This is where your skin improves each visit. 

If however, you are using basic skin care or skin care that could be harming your skin or causing your skin condition, you will find it takes longer for you to see results and in the end, costs more in the long run. 

On your initial consultation we will do an ingredient analysis on your current skincare to see if we can work with what you have and provide a medical grade homecare prescription. 



Your skin therapist will provide you with a treatment plan outlining how often you should visit. 

By following this treatment plan and being consistent with your visits will ensure maximum skin results. 

Eg. for severe acne clients, we recommend a treatment every 2 weeks so that we can kill as much bacteria and prevent future breakouts coming. 

If we are treating scarring with Dermapen skin needling, we would recommend visiting every 6 weeks.

By having this treatment every 6 weeks we are staying on top of rebuilding and plumping the scars. 

By being consistent with your treatment plan time frame, helps prevent future skin concerns whilst achieving faster skin results.  

We're on a mission...

To clear as many acne, breakouts, scarring and pigment skins! 

To create clarity around the understanding of your skin.

To cut through all that bullshit confusion on how to fix your skin by guiding you and supporting you with the right information and treatments throughout your skin journey. 

Our goal is to help you regain confidence again, even without the need for makeup!


Gabby has always suffered with acne right from when she was a kid. As an adult it got worse and she was so self conscious about it.

Her skin was sore and red and she would never leave the house without makeup on.

With a combination of LED light therapy and There you glow treatments, we’ve been able to completely clear the acne.

Gabby has built her confidence back and happiness just beams out of her!

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"I would never leave the house without makeup. My skin was so sore and red. Since coming to the lovely ladies at Chantal Louise skin, I have gained so much more confidence in myself. It’s amazing when other people notice how much of an improvement my skin has made.


Tahlia first came to us wanting to feel confident even without makeup. Her skin was inflamed sore and irritated. 

We started with a skin consultation and created a personalised treatment plan for her which included firstly a course of LED Light therapy to calm, soothe and heal her skin then once her skin was strengthened we built our way up to doing some high strength medical grade peels and then Dermapen Skin Needling to work on her scarring and maintaining her skin results.

Her skin is now so clear and beautiful and she actually feels confident to leave the house without makeup! 

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I was terrified coming here for the first time because I was so nervous with my skin. I didn’t just want to go anywhere. I wanted to feel comfortable where I was going for my skin. Everyone at CL skin is soooo nice! And I’ve been treated by everyone! I wanted to clear my skin so I felt confident without makeup. I have definitely gotten my confidence back. Since coming here, my skin is SOOOO so so good!”


When Raiza first visited us, she could hardly explain how she felt in herself because it was bringing up raw emotions.

Recently Raiza approached Chantal in the clinic and was so thankful she was in tears. 

She said she actually used to like how masks were mandatory in covid time because it meant she could cover her skin…

Not only could we see a physical major difference in her skin, we could clearly see how happy and satisfied she was.

It was so obvious that pure joy and confidence had came back to her.

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This place is a GEM! They are so knowledgeable and passionate about their work. They make me feel well looked after and at ease all the time. They helped me along with my ongoing skin journey and I know my skin is better because they know what my skin needs. All the ladies are warm and friendly and always help with a smile. Thank you all!


Our goal was to completely clear her skin and its so rewarding to see these results but mostly rewarding to see how happy and confident she is in herself!

A customised treatment plan of  There you glows and Dermapens were performed here to achieve these results

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I have been seeing Chantal and the team for a few years now and couldn’t recommend this skin clinic enough. I had a few skin concerns, including acne scarring, and the team exceeded my expectations and took her time to educate and explain to me what our plan of action would be. I am absolutely blown away with my results and how much my skin has improved with the treatments. The ladies at front desk are always so welcoming and smiling when I walk through the door. Every experience is a pleasure!


Emma, a busy working Mum who was fed up of little to no results at other clinics, came across us and with a personalised treatment plan of LED, high grade professional skin peels and Dermapen Skin needling we were able to achieve her best skin yet! 

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My skin has 100% never been this good and I've been to multiple other clinics! I just want to say thank you. It has made a massive difference to how I feel about myself.


This busy stay at home Mum was desperate for clearer skin.

It also was a chance to have some much needed downtime and self care for herself which we included relaxation into every aspect of her treatments. 

Within just 4 treatments we were able to clear her skin and get her these results.

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I cannot recommend more. They are such lovely kind people who KNOW THEIR STUFF. My skin has transformed and I am only at the start of my treatments. Amazing, approachable and professional! I think she might have magic powers. I wish I had booked myself in years ago and saved myself money and embarrassment. Front desk is also such a pleasure. They are fantastic. So bubbly and genuine too. In the end, it is the results that matter. And I've gotten results here unlike anywhere else. I will never go elsewhere. Please go and book yourself in. You won't regret it.



Caitlin Anne
Caitlin Anne
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100% recommend Chantal Louise Skin! The girls are so lovely and welcoming every time I come in for my treatments and are very knowledgeable and professional. I have seen improvements in my skin and it has really boosted my confidence. Amani has gone above and beyond as my skin therapist and I’m very grateful!
Chloe Young
Chloe Young
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Had my first skin consultation and it was amazing!! No one has ever gone so in-depth with me before about my skin and I left feeling so much more confident that I might finally see some results! Really looking forward to my treatments 🙂 not to mention the salon is beautiful and in a great location!
Katelyn Ball
Katelyn Ball
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I have been coming to Chantal Louise Skin Therapy for a couple of months now to treat my stubborn acne. As someone who has been to dermatologists and has tried literally every acne medication, I was hesitant to approach a skin clinic. The girls have been fantastic in educating me about my skin health and have created a tailored plan to treat my skin concerns. The girls here really know their stuff, aren't after a "quick fix" and take the time to answer your questions. They have been so incredibly kind and knowledgeable and I am loving the treatments so far. I look forward to seeing positive results as I continue my skin journey! <3
Katie Ruddell
Katie Ruddell
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Never in a million years did I expect to see such incredible results in such a short time, with only 1 treatment and the gradual introduction of new products. The staff are amazing and the service provided is second to none. I’m so glad I found CLST and I can’t wait for my next treatment!
Amy Crombie
Amy Crombie
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Chantal and her entire team are so knowledgeable! Every time I visit I leave feeling like a new person and so relaxed. Through my treatment process there is constant communication and support. My self confidence is increasing day by day thanks to this beautiful team. X
Layla Walsh
Layla Walsh
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Love the full service! Marie at the front desk is amazing and super helpful. I have been going since the start of the year doing wedding prep. Due to my busy schedule, I’ve had multiple different therapist and still get the same results which each of them because they are clearly trained amazingly. They have taken details notes and always check in with me. My skin is the best it’s been. Also opening Tuesday and Thursday late nights really helps me fit in my monthly apps! The end to end service is awesome! I’ve referred my sister and she feels the same!!
Carole Donaghy
Carole Donaghy
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Literally cannot recommend the ladies at Chantal Louise more! After my first consultation, I knew I was in the best hands. On arrival you receive the warmest welcome by Krystal and then are taken through by one of the lovely skin specialists. The knowledge all the ladies have is incredible. I had Chantal create a skin care plan best suited for me and I was amazed at how certain products I was using was effecting my skin in different ways. After my first facial and taking home some new skincare items, I noticed such a difference in my skin after a week or so. If you’re looking for a team who will take good care of your skin and make you feel at ease, you should really give these ladies a visit.
Vivien Lee
Vivien Lee
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Started my treatment with CL skin two years ago with Chantal after a friend’s recommendation and I’m so glad I’ve found them. Have been taking skin acne medication previously and didn’t want to continue that and of course my skin didn’t cope well. Have always been skeptical with facial treatments but Chantal took care of my skin so well and my skin looks so much better now. Steph P is my current skin therapist and she’s amazing as always with a bubbly personality! Always look forward to my treatment here - from the results to treatment experience. Receptionists are super lovely too. Definitely recommend.
Hayley Savage
Hayley Savage
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Chantal Louise Skin is one of the best decisions I’ve made!! I struggled with unmanageable breakouts for a couple years and after just 4 months my skin is like new! They're so knowledgeable and has my full trust in my skin journey process. The clinic is such a welcoming environment with the friendliest ladies, highly recommend!!



Stop wondering and guessing of how to fix your skin.
Stop wasting your money on things that aren’t getting you your desired results.
Begin your skin journey with the right information and experienced therapists today. 

If you're new to Chantal Louise Skin Therapy, we recommend you book the skin consultation first. This will allow your skin therapist to help guide you with the best options for your skin. Pssst. Get a $30 voucher to use for your initial consultation.