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How amazing are these results on our clients forehead lines?! 😍⁠

Using the correct at home products and having regular Dermapen treatments has greatly reduced this clients expression lines 🙌🏽⁠

Comment below if you love this result! 👇


GOODBYE Stubborn hormonal acne in just 5 treatments 👋🏼 WOOO!! Talk about some serious results! ...


Look at these amazing results we achieved for our client! 😱⁠

The magic of Dermapen treatments and @ocosmedics products have helped reduced her pigmentation around her eyes! JUST WOW 😍

We get this question ALLL the time.⁠

Most our clients have been able to maintain their skin results at home ❤️⁠

A lot of them start our medical grade strength skincare @ocosmedics when starting their treatments⁠

This is so So important to be using a medical grade skincare whilst having treatments with us.⁠

By doing this you are maintaining the results of the treatment. Every time you come in, we up your treatment a notch therefore upping your skins health notch 🥳⁠

so once again you go home using your medical grade skincare and your skins results are maintained 🙌🏽⁠

So the answer... if you maintain your skin with good quality skincare then NO your skin won't go bad again 😊

On the way to CLEARER HEALTHIER skin 🥳😍 ...


Say goodbye to tight, dry, irritated, red skin hello hydration and moisture 💦

WOW! That clear PIGMENT FREE skin got us going 🤤🙌🏻 ...

Weddings in a pandemic! ❤️ there’s something so beautiful and happy about these weddings.

I’m sure a day you will never forget given the circumstances.

Thank you for choosing us to achieve this long wedding skin journey but you made it and you look so beautiful! 🥰

CLEARER SMOOTHER SKIN in just 2 treatments 🙌

Take a look at how healthy her skin is now!

Redness and irritation has been reduced, pores are refined and her texture is so much smoother ❤️

Who’s dreaming of this after lockdown?? 🙋🏻‍♀️

Refining skin texture and achieving a brightened, hydrated and more youthful skin 🙌🏻 ...

IT'S OUR 3rd BDAY!! 🥳⁠
And to celebrate we are having 10% off O Cosmedics TODAY in clinic ONLY! ⁠

Come visit us between 10am-9pm for the celebration and receive a special CL SKIN cookie too! 😘

What an INCREDIBLE transformation?! 😍🙌🏽⁠

If you have concerns with pigmentation we have the perfect treatment for you! It uses the worlds #1 depigmentation treatment and can remove 90% or more of pigment 👏🏼⁠

Call us on 32605908 or send us a message to enquire now💌

Clear, smooth and acne free skin was our goal here!⁠
What do you think? 😊


We LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! a good before and after! How bout you?

Welcome Jenna! ❤️⁠
Our newest member on our team!⁠

She joins us with a background in dental assisting and mechanics 😱 and is just about to graduate from her 3 year bachelor degree in Dermal Science! ❤️⁠

Yep! That’s right, 3 long years of studying skin! 😍 Her knowledge is 👌⁠

Combine all 3 of these skills and you have a well oiled, healthy and sparkling clean skin. haha you see what I did there!? 😂⁠

Make sure to say Hello when you see her next 😊


Painful, cystic acne is the worst! We know! ❤️ ⁠

We get sooo many clients with this type of acne and when you know exactly how to treat your skin it's actually sooo EASY TO TREAT! 🙌🏻 ⁠

Cut through all that confusing BS about what products to use and trialling so many different treatments to get ZERO results 🛑⁠

Start with a skin consultation where we can analyse your skin with our state of the art skin analysis machine to see what is happening in your skin from beneath the surface to really ensure we get the MOST accurate skin analysis to help finalise and achieve the BEST RESULTS ⁠

and then.. lets party 🥳 and celebrate your amazing #skingoals 🙌🏻

We see so many clients, like this one, who get those nasty stubborn pimples on the forehead. ⁠

Most often then not, when we consult with our client, we find out that stress is the cause of ALOT of forehead pimples. ⁠

Safe to say, we've completely cleared her forehead and BONUS, we worked on calming and relaxing her during our treatment plan also ✅🥰

Are YOU our next CL Skin Bride? 👰🏻‍♀️⁠

How stunning is this picture of our bride Bonnie and her husband 😍⁠

We prepped Bonnie's skin 6 months prior with Dermapen treatments. In the 2 weeks leading up we introduced LED light therapy treatments to help the skin be FRESH and GLOWY on the big day ❤️⁠

Have your own wedding skin goals? Contact us on 32605908 or send us a message to enquire! ✨