Freshly hydrated and glowing skin + an added boost of collagen ❤️ ...

CHEERS to the fricken weekend ❤️ we drink to that 🥳
Happy Saturday lovelies from a few of us!

Making PROGRESS ❤️🙌🏻
Feeling skeptical about making that first step to clearing your skin? Don’t worry!

There is so many of our clients who felt the same as you!

Wouldn’t making that first step in having a skin consultation with a personalised treatment plan to clearing your skin be the first step to a more confident, happier, healthier skin? 😊

What have you got lose? Go on, take that step

We’ve walked in your shoes and treat clients just like you EVERY DAY

So often they have said they felt so comfortable and satisfied with their decision and of course RESULT ❤️

Just check out our Google reviews 😊

LOVE a good before and after ❤️ who’s with us? 🙋🏻‍♀️

We love seeing the acne before and afters 😍
What is your favourite before and after to see or would you like to see?? 👇

Wow what a change!!

This client recently came to visit and we had a look back at her original skin images and I showed her the difference to her skin now.

And that REACTION to seeing how much her skin has improved, is literally the reason I started Chantal Louise Skin 😊

Stubborn JAW ACNE. Annoying right?!
So proud and happy for this client! 🤗

These breakouts have been on and off but super happy to see how CLEAR her skin is now and how shes been able to manage it ❤️

Someones been promoted!! 🥳

Meet Krystal! You may of seen her at front desk greeting all our clients and helping you to book your treatments.

Well, at the beginning of this year, she was promoted to clinic Manager 🥳

One of Krystals strengths is her people skills which made her the perfect person to manage CL Skin.

She will be working very closely beside me, helping to support our staff and ensure the clinic is functioning to it's best ability whilst helping to improve our client experience.

Let's all congratulate her below 👇

Cya later acne scars and blemishes 👋
How satisfying is this before and after!! ❤️❤️

Another one of stunning CL Skin brides 🙌🏽 Absolutely beautiful 👰🏼‍♀️ ...

That satisfaction of clear breakout free skin 🤤❤️ ...

Ouch! Those Sore breakouts on the neck…⁠
The satisfaction of calm, breakout free skin! 🙏🏼⁠
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Hello from all of us 👋

Nothing more satisfying then seeing an image like this! Clean, clear, blackhead free skin⁠

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Thank you @stylemagazines for this feature! ⁠❤️
You hit the nail on the head with this one! ⁠

I've always believed in the quote “find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life”

My passion for skin has grown because of my own acne issues and battles which has led me to create my dream job and business.

The most rewarding thing about owning Chantal Louise Skin is seeing how much we have improved someone’s skin and ultimately their inner confidence without the need for makeup 🙌🏻

Not only is it rewarding to see sheer joy and happiness from our clients,

it honestly makes my day to see my staffs satisfaction, happiness and passion for skin grow as they improve our clients life and wellbeing daily ❤️

Tears, joy and overwhelming happiness is created in this space and it was all I ever dreamt of 💛