Limited edition: O Cosmedics combines two of its hero products to give the eyes an immediate transformation.

The No baggage native collagen eye masks are 97% identical to our very own human collagen helping to plump out lines and wrinkles ❤️

Pair this with the 3D Hyaloronic Serum to drench the delicate eye area with maximum hydration for instant plumpness and hydration

Available on our online store or in store for just $125 saving $113 🙌🏻

She is, because she's a CL SKIN client and clear skin and improved confidence goes along way!! ❤️⁠⠀
Thanks for sharing your pic with us 😘⁠⠀

When going for a skin needling treatment, it's really important to see someone who is trained properly and understands the different depths of the skin well. ⁠

Dermapen helps scarring by peircing tiny micro needles into the skin causing precise wounds. ⁠

When we do this, the skin will automatically heal itself by creating new collagen and elastin and skin cells to plump out scars and renew the skin to clear any unwanted scars! 😍⁠

We use the Dermapen 4 Skin Needling Device and the training is like no other to ensure our clients are getting the results they are paying for! 🙌⁠

Skin journeys are so emotional 😭 so proud of these results and her little smile just shows how much we’ve been able to improve her internally!

Clear skin ✔️
Confidence regained ✔️
Skin dreams and goals made ✔️


And just like that we had our first RONA wedding 😍

The beautiful bride Kirsty looked stunning and her skin has cleared amazingly 🙌🏻


Thanks for choosing us Kirsty to help achieve your wedding skin goals 😍

Should you wear SPF even when your not going outside? ☀️😇


UVA and UVB rays will still get you on your drive to work, your morning walk and even through your window or even through those bright lights!

It’s a non negotiable and here me and Sarah tell you why 😊

Do you wear spf everyday? Let us know below

Happy Saturday 🙌 Check out this pigment transformation 😍

How amazing are these results!? Her skin is GLOWING. What’s even more amazing is these results were achieved in just 10 days!! 💃🏻

Comment below if you would love some more information about our NEW bye bye pigment treatment 🥳

Have you seen O Cosmedics Luminising Booster drops? ❤️⁠

You can apply this underneath makeup, mixed into foundation for a more dewy look or onto of makeup to highlight cheekbones, Cupid’s now or the bridge of your nose 😍⁠

Comes in three shades and are $49.⁠

They are all available on our online shop with password: clskin⁠
Or come pop by Instore 😊⁠

WOW in 2 months we have already cleared her skin so much 😍

Can you guess below what treatments we have done?? 👇

We can treat them! ⠀
Here is my client and we’ve just done a Dermapen treatment to treat her open pores around her nose and cheeks. ⠀

Using the Dermapen micro needles helps to stimulate Your collagen and elastin which is what helps to tighten your pores. ⠀

They are not going to magically disappear in one treatment. It takes a few and we say at least 6 treatments performed every 6 weeks. ⠀

PLEASE also remember that pores are normal and everyone has them. The reason they are bigger is because of your oil that has come through over the years causing the pores to stretch. ⠀

MYTH: Pores open and close ⠀

Over time your pores will stretch due to the amount of oil you produce. ⠀

And honestly... Dermapen is the only thing to help tighten your pores⠀

No product will ever be able to shrink your pores.. however a good skin care routine will help to minimise their appearance. ⠀

Just remember PORES are normal and a healthy part of skin 😘 ⠀

AHA! I know the feeling! Check out these before and afters in just 4 treatments. ⁠⠀
Lines, we are SAYING GOODBYE! and building back our OWN NATURAL COLLAGEN! Say what!!?? ⁠⠀
Yes, Dermapen Skin needling! ⁠⠀
That's what we have done, plus she's been using the right ingredients at home to enhance her results between treatments! ❤️⁠⠀
Got a wrinkle or two you want gone, but aren't too keen on going down the injection path? ⁠⠀
Send us a DM and let's work out your best treatment plan for smoother, younger looking skin!! 😍⁠⠀

BLASTING SPOTS with a professional spot treatment⁠

We use this ALOT with our clients 🙌🏻 it feels a bit tingly and itchy when it’s gone on.⁠

The client has to keep it on skin for at least 5 hrs without getting it wet.⁠

It’s something we can only do, if the skin has been prepped properly.⁠

The skin will generally flake a few days in the area and any swelling/inflammation completely goes ❤️⁠

Who’s ready to try this magic spot treatment?! ⁠

Taking a break from your lash extensions? 🙋🏻⠀

I know you loved them and I also know you got a bit fed up of the whole maintenance side of things... ⠀

So, I understand that you're letting them breathe and repair from those months of extensions. 👍⠀

I know you miss your lashes 😢 and I know you just can't commit to the 2-3 week maintenance of them. ⠀

Imagine if you could have your own natural lashes that were longer, darker, opened up your eyes and almost were like your lash extensions, but your own?! 😍⠀

And knowing that your lashes were being nourished and strengthened at the same time! ❤️⠀

AND… what if these beautiful longer, darker lashes lasted you 8-12 weeks!⠀


This, my friend, is our NEW Keratin Strengthening Lash Lift and Tint. ⠀

It works on strengthening and nourishing your own natural lashes whilst lifting and darkening your lashes for a beautiful natural, lifted and most importantly, HEALTHY lashes! ❤️⠀

They will make you feel more beautiful, confident and can I remind you, these bad boys last 8-12 weeks! HELL YEAH! 🙌⠀

If your needing this in your lashless life, just comment ‘me please’ below and we’ll send you through our price list and availability⠀


We hear that a lot and here’s a good example of improved even tone, brighter and HEALTHY skin ❤️

Hands up who needs 🙋🏼‍♀️

The DERMAPEN 4 is one of the worlds best skin needling devices out there. 😍⁠

It helps to produce your skins own natural wound healing process which helps to produce your OWN collagen and elastin to plump out lines and wrinkles, acne scars and fill out open pores. ❤️⁠

With a smart brained therapist, we too, can treat your congestion and acne by going the right depth to inject oxygen into your skin.⁠

When we do this, your acne bacteria cannot survive, meaning we are killing off the bacteria, meaning CLEARING YOUR SKIN! WOOP WOOP!⁠

We definately suggest a consultation before this treatment.⁠

Needling is what cured my acne, congestion and scarring and NOW it's my #1 treatment I do, to keep my skin youthful and wrinkle free 🙌🏽⁠

It’s so so common! It’s called Melasma or the mask of pregnancy

Often giving us women a beautiful stained moustache and/or the mask of Zorro across the cheeks and forehead. 🦸🏼‍♀️

I mean cmon, do us women not go through enough!? 🙈

Yep! It’s all hormone related and there’s not a lot you can do to prevent it (I do highly suggest a daily good quality SPF though!!)

BUT!! Yes there’s a but! Once you’ve finished being pregnant and breast feeding we can treat it and by treat it, I mean we can GET RID OF THAT MOUSTACHE and MASK OF ZORRO for good!! 🥳😍

The best news.. is that it can be GONE in as little as 10 days, just like my client here

The top pic was the day of her consultation

And the bottom picture was 10 days after her initial treatment 🥰😍

She now literally looks 10 years younger, she has built back her confidence and she could not even believe how good the results were!

I’m so excited because I’ve never been able to dramatically change pigmentation like I can NOW! 😍

If your wanting to remove those post pregnancy stains just comment below “yes please” and we can organise a free skin consultation to start your journey to clearer, younger beautiful looking skin 😍