About Chantal Louise Skin Therapy

My love, my passion, my life

Where it all started…

I first became obsessed with skin when I was about 15. I was getting breakouts and had heard the pill makes your skin so beautiful and healthy. I went to the doctor and clearly remember asking for this specific pill that gives you flawless skin.

I wanted healthy, glowing, clear skin, just like my friends and I absolutely LOVED the effects it had on my skin.

It was only when I realised the pill didn’t agree with me, that I went off it and my skin started breaking out.

I felt ugly, depressed and avoided leaving the house so that I could hide away at home without makeup on and let my skin breathe.

I even remember sleeping with makeup on, afraid my boyfriend would see my REAL skin. I’d wake up in the morning and retouch my makeup over the top of the makeup I’d slept in.

If only I could talk to myself now…

A couple years later, I started beauty college and was obsessed with skin care. Mainly because I was looking to solve my own skin issues.

I remember one of the teachers along with fellow students analysing my skin and feeling so ashamed and embarrassed.

Or the time a young child said to me “what are all those dots on your face?” Kids are just so honest aren’t they!

As you can imagine, my inner confidence was non existent.
No one’s advice, skincare or treatments were helping my skin. I was so DESPERATE.

I went through a faze of going on and off the pill, because it was the only thing that helped my skin. One day, I had enough of the reactions the pill was having on my body that I decided to never go back on it again.

The passion

I was determined to manage my skin and if nothing or no one could help me, I would find out myself.

So to do that, I attended many training sessions on skin and product knowledge. Along the way I learnt so much and became obsessed.

I started to do my own research on ingredients and threw out any products that were causing more damage to my skin.

What helped me

In terms of treatments, for me, what saved me, was skin needling. This was a new treatment at the time, where needling rollers were used. The rollers were much more aggressive and sore than what needling is today.

After a few treatments, the right skin care at home and some diet changes, my skin was CLEARED!

My passion for skin has never died. I know the feeling it creates not only on the outside but more importantly on the INSIDE. I get so excited about skin results and feel like I was BORN to do this.

The ability to change someone’s confidence and improve the way they feel about themselves is honestly life changing!


I am fulfilling my dream and being able to help others achieve healthy, beautiful, clear skin like I have today. I’ve never been so happy and felt so fulfilled.

Myself and my team help you to understand how your skin works and give you honest options of how to manage and create a healthier skin (even if we can’t treat it with what we offer). Skin results take work and commitment from both the therapist and the client. Each skin is different and results can depend on what’s going on internally. With our help and your commitment, together we can change your skin and your LIFE!

Where it all began

In 2018, Chantal Louise Skin Therapy was created. It started off in a tiny room which was rented in another beauty salon. After a year of building her clientele and repertoire, Chantal became fully booked and realised she needed help. This is where she expanded her business from a tiny room into a 3 treatment room skin clinic with 2 staff, bronze reward INSKIN POP award and becoming top 10 finalist for Australia’s first ever Beauty Squad.

Chantal believes in creating a fun, exciting, positive, friendly and safe environment for all clients and staff. The staff and Chantal, pride themselves on providing ongoing support with their treatments. Clients often comment on how comfortable, safe and welcoming the staff and Chantal are.

Customer service is a strong focus at Chantal Louise Skin and the staff are regularly training on this to upkeep the standard.

They pride themselves on personalised treatment plans as well as educating clients on their own skin from different aspects of their body, to how they can maintain results at home and through their lifestyle.

Chantal Louise Skin Therapy prides itself on results driven skin treatments and uses only the high end equipment and products to ensure this. Along with the results, we offer honest advice and exceptional care to all our clients.

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If you're new to Chantal Louise Skin Therapy, we recommend you book the skin consultation first. This will allow your skin therapist to help guide you with the best options for your skin. Pssst. Get a $30 voucher to use for your initial consultation.