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There You Glow Skin Therapy Facial Treatment

Need a bit of a pick me up for your skin? This treatment could be just what you need. Chantal Louise Skin Therapy offers a range of skin treatments, including the There You Glow facial. This facial is perfect for all skins!

Our There You Glow treatment is designed to give you bright, clear, and glowing skin. We want you to walk away with confidence knowing you have skin that looks and feels incredible! This treatment is like a facial, but on steroids. The aim is to give our clients softer, brighter, and of course, healthy skin that’s positively glowing.

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How does it work?

Combining our Hello New Skin Cells treatment with the famous Dermalux LED, There You Glow is an LED facial designed to give you healthier, softer, glowing skin. During this 75-minute session, you’ll be treated to a non-invasive skin peel that dissolves dead skin cells while also penetrating into the pores to hydrate and plump your skin.

Each session is customised to you, with us having access to 6 different skin peels ranging from mild to strong. Of course we put skin health as a priority and may put you on a plan to make your way up to the strong peels if you and your skin are ready for it!

The treatment also includes a facial treatment mask, blackhead extraction, neck and décolletage massage, along with your choice of either a hand and arm, scalp or foot massage.

With the There You Glow skin treatment, we’ll also incorporate the use of the Dermalux LED light. This non-invasive light is used to penetrate different layers of the skin, triggering the natural cell processes within your body. 

The Dermalux LED light is extremely special in the way that you can customise and use 2 or 3 lights in one treatment to treat multiple skin conditions for the same price. It is also proven to stimulate your good hormones helping to calm and relax the mind, allowing you to unwind while you undergo treatment.

This LED facial combined with a skin peel will have your skin looking and feeling incredible!

Have a question regarding the There You Glow facial treatment or any of the other treatments our team provides? Give our friendly team a call. We're always more than happy to provide you with extra information about our services.

Dermalux LED light

With the There You Glow skin treatment, we’ll also incorporate the use of the Dermalux LED light. This non-invasive light is used to penetrate different layers of the skin, triggering the natural cell processes within your body. The Dermalux LED is also able to be customised to suit your skin needs with the use of 3 medically proven lights to change the way skin functions. 


Using the 415nm, this powerful blue light destroys acne bacteria along with helping in the prevention of breakouts. It also helps to balance oil production, improve skin clarity and creates an antibacterial action without irritation.


The 633nm red light is clinically proven to kick start skin cells helping to reproduce collagen, elastin and improve skin’s hydration. It also improves blood flow to help remove toxins and encourage an even, healthy and bright appearance. 

Near Infared

The ultimate repair light! This 830nm Near infrared light is designed to reduce irritation, swelling and redness. It is also proven to be effective for pigmentation and age spots.

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Why choose our There You Glow skin treatment?

There are several reasons why you may wish to book our There You Glow facial treatment. This powerful combination of skin peel and LED facial can:

Unsure about whether There You Glow is the right treatment for your skin concerns? Give our friendly team a call on (07) 3260 5908 or book your skin consultation with one of our experts to learn more.

Conditions this treatment helps

There You Glow is designed to help with a number of different skin concerns and conditions. This includes:

If you’d like to know more about which treatment would be best for your skin, book a consultation with us today. Available as either an online or in-person session, a skin consultation will allow us to create a personalised treatment plan that’s tailored to your desired outcomes and needs.

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Facial treatments offered here in Brisbane

At Chantal Louise Skin Therapy, we can provide a wide range of Brisbane facial treatments. From those that hydrate the skin to extraction services, we have everything you need to improve your complexion.  Some options available include:

Visit our treatments page for the full list of services available at Chantal Louise Skin Therapy.

Skin Consultation

Before booking a There You Glow facial treatment or any of the other treatments Chantal Louise Skin Therapy offers, we recommend scheduling a skin consultation with our experts. This can be completed either online or in person, at a time that works for you. These sessions allow us to work out skin types, hone in on concerns, and make recommendations.

Online skin consultation

We provide online skin consultations for those who can't make it to our Nundah clinic. An online skin consultation will see you chatting with a skin expert about your concerns, goals and current skincare routine. We may ask you to send through some photos of your skin so we can get a better idea of your complexion. We'll discuss your current skincare routine, and any makeup you use.

From here, we'll be able to give you recommendations and advice on skincare products and treatments. We'll also be able to provide you with a tailored treatment plan and medical-grade skincare prescriptions for your at-home routine.

In-person skin consultation

If you opt for the in-person skin consultation, we'll use our state-of-the-art advanced skin analysis machine to take a closer look at what's happening with your skin. During this session, we'll discuss lifestyle factors, your current skincare routine, makeup you use, and of course, the results you're dreaming of for your skin.

You'll leave the session with a personalised treatment plan. We'll likely also provide you with a prescription for medical-grade skincare products. All of this is tailored to your budget, available time, and skin goals. Book your skin consultation online using our handy form or phone us directly on (07) 3260 5908 to schedule your session.

About Chantal Louise Skin Therapy

Forming in 2018, Chantal Louise Skin Therapy was brought to life to help others feel confident in their own skin. Based out of Nundah, our skin clinic is designed to be a place of fun and positivity. Staff regularly undergo training to stay up-to-date with the latest industry advancements, allowing us to offer our clients the best possible treatments and results.

We pride ourselves on creating personalised treatment plans for each client. Our team loves to help individuals learn more about their skin, including how to maintain results at home through skincare and lifestyle changes.

Whether you’re looking to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduce pigmentation or sun damage, treat acne, or just want to improve your overall skin health – we can help!

As a business, we’ve been given the Diamond INSKIN POP award, making us one of the largest stockists in QLD for O Cosmedics. We were a top 10 finalist in Australia’s first ever Beauty Squad. Our clinic is also a member of the Aesthetic & Beauty Industry Council. In addition to skin treatments, we offer eyelash and eyebrow tinting.

If you're new to Chantal Louise Skin Therapy, we recommend you book the skin consultation first. This will allow your skin therapist to help guide you with the best options for your skin. Pssst. Get a $30 voucher to use for your initial consultation.