In order to maximise results, a course of treatments is recommended.
Our highly skilled skin therapists will recommend a personalised treatment plan tailored to your skin needs.

Here are some of our most popular skin packages which are always available:


10 Sessions: $680

SAVE $170

12 Sessions: $850

SAVE $170

The Dermalux LED machine uses clinically proven RED, BLUE and Near Infrared light that penetrates into different layers of the skin to target, multiple skin concerns. The sensation of being under the light is pure heaven and relaxation. The light helps to re energize your skin to function how it normally should. After treatment, the light is still working right up until the next day to achieve that natural GLOW! Treatment is perfect for treating: Eczema, Psoriasis, acne, ageing, scarring, rosacea, redness, aching bones, dry skin and dermatitis.

Performed over 6-8 weeks.


3 Sessions: $762

SAVE $135

6 Sessions: $1435

SAVE $358

Also known as Collagen induction therapy or skin needling. The best results for pigment, scars, ageing, lines and wrinkles. Using the best technology- the Dermapen 4™ glides over the skin creating millions of fine fractional channels. Our body’s natural response triggers a natural process of repair which results in new skin cells and new collagen being produced. A course of treatments is recommended for best results.

Treatments performed monthly – 6 weeks depending on condition treating

Eyes - De puff & de line

3 Sessions: $165

SAVE $30

6 Sessions: $312

SAVE $78

Puffy eyes, dark circles and lines? This is your baby! Don’t forget about the eyes! Jade crystals and lymph microdermabrasion will be used to reduce puffiness, fine lines and dark circles.. A beautiful hydration eye mask and a cool jade stone mask will be applied and finished with an eye infusion to lift and open the eye area. Talk about some EYE LOVE!

Best performed weekly. Can be performed alone or added onto any facial treatment except Dermapen.

There you glow

3 Sessions: $558

SAVE $98

6 Sessions: $1051

SAVE $262

Suited to ALL skin types and concerns. Facial on Steroids! Looking for a brighter, clearer & GLOWY complexion? This is your facial! Combination of the Hello New Skin Cells and the added famous Dermalux LED light we are able to create a soft, brighter and healthy skin! If its breakouts, pigmentation, ageing or just overall lifeless skin. We got you here!

Best performed weekly-monthly with guidance of your skin therapist.

Smooth as a babies bottom

3 Sessions: $456

SAVE $80

6 Sessions: $859

SAVE $214

The perfect facial for sun damaged, acne scarred and pigmented skins
Goodbye thick, congested, dull skin and hello bright, soft skin! Microdermabrasion will thoroughly remove surface dead skin cells followed by a peel to reveal those new fresh skin cells. Rehydrate and replenish with a cool, calming mask and most importantly, take your stress away with a neck, décolletage massage and your choice of a hand/arm massage, foot massage or scalp massage. Best performed monthly.

Bye Bye Pigment


SAVE $437

Using the world’s best depigmentation product, Cosmelan. This treatment package is for people serious about removing pigmentation such as freckles, melasma, post baby pigment, hormonal pigment and sun damage.

Package includes: 1 Cosmelan Pigmentation peel, 3 LED sessions to help break down pigment, 1 brightening facial and 7 at home skin care products.

Up to 90% or more reduction in your pigmentation in less than 2 months.

Wedding skin packages

We work with you and design your own personalised wedding skin treatment plan for your big day for flawless wedding skin

In most cases, our highly skilled skin therapists, will create a personalised treatment plan for best results for you and your skin.