Detoxifying Deep Cleanse

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What is a Detoxifying Deep Cleanse facial treatment?

A Deep Cleansing Facial (DCF) combines the best and latest skin care procedures into an all-in-one treatment. This multi-step skin treatment is one of the most popular Brisbane facial treatments, combining a gentle skin cleanse, non-invasive exfoliation, purifying skin treatment and a massage in a relaxing experience.

Deep cleansing facials can be used to treat a range of skin concerns, from rough and uneven skin texture to sun damage and signs of ageing. If you want to brighten your complexion, remove impurities from your skin or target signs of ageing — discover the power of DCF today.

A Deep Cleansing Facial Can Address Many Skin Concerns

DCF is a multifunctional treatment that has benefits in being used alone, or to supplement the treatment of any skin condition in conjunction with a regular and tailored skin care regime. Our clients find deep cleansing facials highly effective in treating:

Enlarged & Visible Pores

Skin pores contain a sebaceous gland that secretes an oil called sebum. Increased sebum production is the culprit behind their larger appearance. When excess oil, dead skin or dirt begin to clog a pore, it can appear more prominent.

The cleansing treatment and extraction stages of a deep cleansing facial can remove waste from the pores, reducing their visibility on your skin.

Whiteheads & Blackheads

As we go about our daily lives, our skin makes contact with various substances that can manifest as an unwanted buildup in the skin. This can lead to both clogged hair follicles – whiteheads if they are closed under the skin’s surface and blackheads if they are open. Both are common symptoms of acne, and it can be frustrating to see them consistently. Our detoxifying deep cleanse facial treatment can help get rid of the dirt, toxins, bacteria and dead skin cells that clog these follicles.

Natural Signs of Ageing

Wrinkles, dry spots and dark spots from sun damage are some of the most noticeable visible signs of stress and ageing. Ironically, these can often add further stress to our lives – continuing the cycle!

This deep cleansing facial treatment makes sure to pamper you, incorporating a steam cleansing treatment, purifying mask and massage to calm you and provide some well-deserved stress relief.

Tailored Deep Cleansing Facials

Everyone is different, and the same applies to skin.

It is important for your aesthetician to understand your unique skin before any treatments are performed. We perform an extended hour-long skin consultation to truly understand your skin and what we can do to best treat your concerns. Your deep cleansing facial is tailored to your skin type, preferences and any pre-existing skin conditions.

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Our deep cleansing facial includes

At Chantal Louise Skin Therapy, we perform a multi-step skin treatment to deep cleanse your skin. We will pamper you and deliver visible results that’ll leave you with a healthy glow the moment you step out of our Brisbane skin clinic.

Whether you’re an experienced skincare fanatic or a beginner to facials and professional exfoliation treatments, we will take care of you – so you can feel comfortable in our hands. See how we do it below.

Cleansing Treatment

Our cleansing treatments focus on clearing all surface level impurities. We use steam and heated towels to help soften your skin and improve blood circulation to your face. Relax as our experienced aestheticians gently prepare your pores for a deep cleaning.

Face Extraction

The deep cleansing part of the facial treatment! We use a famous Ultrasonic device that allows us to loosen and remove dead cells and other nasties that are disrupting your skin. This deep cleaning is a completely non-invasive light exfoliation procedure that will leave you with fresh looking skin.

Relaxing Massages

The health of your skin is directly related to your mental and physical health. Stress can affect our hormones, eating patterns and more – all of which have an impact on how healthy our skin appears. That's why we incorporate relaxation massages into all of our treatments. Take a break as our specialists massage your neck and shoulders to release any stress or tension your body is holding.

Purifying Mask

Once all the impurities are extracted, seal your clean and healthy skin with a purifying mask. This mask will close up your each and every clean pore and keep your skin smooth and soft, helping you achieve that radiant glow.

Our deep cleansing facial treatments will help you achieve your healthiest skin. This can help:

Benefits of an ultrasonic device

The ultrasonic device uses ultrasonic waves which when used on the skin, help to infuse products and extract blackheads. 

For extractions, we first use the device to push a special solution into the skin to soften any clogged pores and oil. After the pores and oil have been softened, we then switch the setting to extract the blackheads.

The device gently shakes and vibrates the skin with ultrasonic waves causing blackheads to easily and gently pop out.

To finish the treatment, we can infuse any product suited to your skin to maximise results. For example, if you have blemish prone skin, we can infuse a solution to help kill any bacteria. If your skin is in need of hydration, we can infuse a solution to rehydrate your skin.

Skin therapist performing a deep cleansing facial with an ultrasonic device
A woman admiring her skin after having a deep cleansing facial

Is DCF right for me?

We recommend all new clients book a 1-on-1 skin consultation with our highly trained skin therapists. In an extended one-hour session, our team will perform an advanced skin analysis, identify the causes of your issues and determine the best facial treatment and plan for your skin.

Why Choose Chantal Louise Skin Therapy?

At CL Skin, we provide skin consultations and skin treatments with the latest and best technology to improve and clear clients’ skin conditions and concerns with lasting and noticeable results. Trust our Brisbane skin clinic to provide you with the care you deserve.

Experienced Experts in Skin Therapy

Founder, Chantal Louise and the team have worked with many clients on a range of conditions including acne, pigmentation, ageing, scarring, stretch marks, eczema, psoriasis and overall skin health. We have helped our clients achieve clean, clear and youthful skin. Consulting our professional aestheticians will help you get on the right path to improving your skin health and appearance.

Trained & Knowledgeable Staff

Our staff go through additional training and are constantly learning to stay on top of the latest equipment and techniques to improve your skin. You can trust them to provide the expert advice and treatment you need as you improve your skin. Our friendly staff are happy to answer any of your questions. We want our clients to be happy and confident in their skin!

We Care for our Clients

Skin health doesn't stop when you leave the salon. We care for our clients and make sure our treatments supplement the work they do at home. Following up regularly with our clients to check up on their skin, we'll always ask if you need any extra advice. We also prescribe home skincare regimes and provide product ingredient analysis to check that your skin products are safe and suited to your skin.

No Judgement

We know it can be difficult to reveal your skin to strangers. Our team has a focus on making our clients feel heard, understood, and cared for in their skin journey. Our team have experienced their own skin insecurities and are trained to make you feel comfortable and safe in our clinic. There is no judgement in our clinic! We just want to share our love for skin care and beauty with our clients, and help them regain their confidence in their skin.

The Latest and Best Technology

We research the best medical grade equipment and products on the market to achieve the best results. Our combination of targeted procedures and relaxation massages in each treatment provide an unmatched holistic approach to skincare.

Personalised Treatment Plans

Our clients are more than just cases. We only want the best for our clients and will go over and above to help where we can. Each client will receive a personalised treatment plan and ongoing advice from our specialists. You'll only be recommended services and prescription products – never pressured to purchase them.

Take Back Control of your Skin . Book a Consultation Today!

Your skin doesn’t have to be a mystery – our friendly and trained team are here to help you understand how to improve your skin health. Ready to start your skin care journey?

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