Chocolate 🍫 Does it really give you pimples?

Easter is just around the corner, and the shops are full of chocolate in every egg formation and every limited-edition treat you can possibly think of 🐰

Hey guys! It’s Chantal! I can see you there getting ready for Easter and nibbling on all the chocolate. 

And I get it. I know you’re feeling guilty and scared that in no time, you’ll be having another nasty breakout fit with a face full of self-inflicted pimples.

How’s that going for you? Have you broken out yet? Are you certain it’s from all the chocolate?

Well, let me help you remove that skin guilt… Chocolate is actually not proven to cause pimples.

Sure, diet definitely can affect your skin🍴

If you’re part of the sensitive or acne-prone skin gang, then you should know that acne is caused by so many different things, and everyone’s skin reacts so differently. 

If you’re looking into your diet and wondering if it’s the cause of your most recent breakout, it could be from the chocolate. But not necessarily. 

Some skin types are affected by foods high in sugar or high in dairy. This is because sugar and dairy products are known to increase oil in the skin.

Oily skin types may be more affected.

So, what skin types will react to these chocolate products? Well, outside of people who have allergies or intolerances associated with dairy, it’s usually those with oily skin.

But, we don’t mean a bit of oil here or there. We mean oily skin. The kind where you’re oily by 10am, to the point that you carry tissues with you to dab the oil away. 

This is what an oily skin type is truly like. 

It’s crazy how often we have clients who come to us with a self-reported oily skin type. They have breakouts and believe it’s due to their oily skin when, in reality, they have a normal or combination skin type. So, eating a high-sugar or high-dairy product may increase that oil and cause a breakout. Honestly though? It’s pretty unlikely.

The truth? If you think you’re breaking out from chocolate, it’s probably just a coincidence.

It’s so much more likely that your breakouts are caused by a number of other factors like internal hormones, stress, or your environment.

Of course, if your skin is affected by these different factors, it’s super unlikely that Creme Egg or chocolate bunny is the villain of your latest breakout.

If you’re affected by acne or even just the occasional pimple, it can be easy to have a choccy binge, find a new pimple, and link it together.

Realistically? It’s probably just a coincidence. 

Pimples are caused by a build-up of dead skin cells, unhealthy thick oil, and bacteria in the skin.

If you’re worried about acne, there’s no need to put the chocolate down just yet!

To treat your breakouts, the true way to clear them is to find the root cause. 

This is where my team and I come in with our one-hour skin consultation. It’s all about helping you figure out what’s causing your breakouts to get to the bottom of it! 

You can find out exactly what happens at our one-hour skin consultation here.

You’ll find out exactly what your skin type is and stop the back and forth of guessing how to treat and clear your breakouts ❤️

Acne is one of the most treated skin conditions here, and it’s our favourite, too 🥰We love getting to restore your confidence in your skin and beauty through our skin treatments.

The bottom line? Go enjoy Easter!!! 🐰

You can stop fretting that your delicious Easter chocolate is the trade-off for beautiful, glowy skin. Go ahead and have a little chocolate in moderation (or not) and enjoy it! 

And if you are feeling hella confused about why you’re getting pimples? Just send us a message or book a consultation, and we’ll organise a time to catch up to create a plan to clear your breakouts 🥳

Much love,
Chantal xx

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