Let’s Chat About Gua Sha & Its Benefits

You may have seen the gua sha tool and technique online and are now wondering what all the fuss is about. 

Our skin therapist Lauren is here to take you through exactly what a gua sha is and what it does for your lovely skin.

What are gua shas?

A gua sha is a facial sculpting tool made from a crystal to improve the skin’s overall appearance and provide an instant skin lift. The gua sha tool has different flat and rounded edges to fit the contours of the face and neck so that they can glide over the skin. 

The use of gua shas originated from traditional Chinese medicine where they used the tools to relax and soothe tight or sore muscles as well as improve blood flow in the body. Gua sha tools and treatments have become a popular treatment and tool for both at-home and in clinic use, providing both relaxation and physical skin health benefits.

Benefits of using gua shas?

Gua shas have many amazing benefits for the skin and are simple and easy to use. All skin types can benefit from a gua sha massage and usage. Gua shas are used to manipulate the skin and provide a lovely massage that helps to promote smoother, firmer, and healthier skin. 

So, what are the benefits of gua shas?

Increased blood flow

Using the tool along the skin helps to promote blood flow in the skin which results in a healthy, fresh glow, increasing the skin’s natural radiance. An increase of blood flow can also help to even out skin tone and help the skin appear plump. 

Fresh blood flow can also help improve sluggish circulation in the skin which can help to move away any old, stagnant blood that can be causing dark shadows through the skin, especially under the eyes.

Lymphatic drainage

Gua sha massages also help to promote drainage of toxins and lymph fluid in the skin. Many of the lymph channels that help to drain fluid, waste and toxins are located in the face, head and neck, which is perfect for using gua sha massage techniques. 

The body’s lymphatic drainage system can sometimes require a helping hand to remove these toxins, which is where we can use this massage to pull fluid away from the body through our lymph nodes to clear them. This helps us to feel lighter and less congested, and can even relieve pressure in areas of built up fluid sitting in the face or sinuses. 

Lifts and tones

Upward movements with the gua sha tool help to provide an instant lift in the skin and can help to improve the skin’s muscle tone, improving the appearance of skin sagging or laxity. 

This can work wonders through the neck, chin, eyebrows, and cheeks. The smoothing and lifting massage movements can also help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, helping the skin appear smoother and softer. 


Facial massage is highly relaxing and can help to relieve stress, tension, and anxiety. The combination of increased blood flow and of course, the massage can also help to ease firmness, tension, or pressure that is held in the face, providing instant relief and relaxation. 

Massage can also boost the parasympathetic nervous system which allows our body to rest and relax. Relaxation and self care is so important in our busy lives and can make a huge difference in our energy, mood and happiness. 

How to use a gua sha?

Using a gua sha tool is so simple and easy to do and it only takes 5-10 minutes to complete. 

The gua sha is recommended for use on the face, neck, and decollete, using the tool in long, smooth movements and with a light to medium pressure. It is important to keep the tool flat against the skin where the contour feels comfortable and glides with ease. 

When working with the face, the tool should always move in an upwards direction to help lift and smooth the skin. 

When working on the neck and down the lymph nodes, you can use downwards movements to help flush out toxins and waste, encouraging the lymphatic drainage process. 

Don’t stress though, you’ll find a diagram a little further down in this post, showing you exactly what we mean. 

Often each area will require a repetitive movement or motion, generally needing 3 movements in each section before moving on to the next.  It’s also best to use the gua sha with an oil to promote that gliding movement as well as hydration, and of course also preventing tugging or creasing on the skin.

How to incorporate gua sha into your skincare routine?

Gua sha massage can be used every day in your skincare routine, morning or night, and as much or as little as you like! 

We would recommend using your gua sha tool as the final step of your skincare routine, paired with a facial oil to help assist the skin with slip and glide of the tool. 

Some of our favourite oils to use alongside our gua sha are the O Cosmedics Vitamin C + Hemp Seed Oil or the Retinoic Oil.

A little tip that I like to share is that you can actually customise your gua sha to suit your skin on any given day! 

Depending on what effects or benefits you are after, you can choose to pop your gua sha in the fridge overnight to use in the morning which will help to cool, soothe, and de-puff the skin. Or, you can heat it up in some warm water to improve circulation and blood flow before bed or in the winter.

Crystal benefits from gua sha

Did you know that gua shas are commonly made out of crystals such as jade and rose quartz which can provide many benefits to both our physical and emotional health and wellbeing? 

These crystal materials are sturdy for use as a tool and help to retain temperature (hot or cold). While the gua sha tool is excellent at providing many benefits for our skin and face, it can also help to assist us on a deeper level by combining the effects of a relaxing massage alongside the added crystal benefits. 

Energetically, jade crystals are known to help assist the body in letting go of toxins, as well as promoting abundance, vitality, luck, positivity, healing, and strength. Jade is also very calming and soothing for the body and works with the heart chakra to balance out emotional troubles and provide a stronger sense of self love and confidence. 


This is just one of the many things that we love about our jade gua shas — getting both the physical relaxation benefits of the tool as well as a boost of self love!

You can follow the diagram here to understand which way to massage the skin and use your gua sha tool on the face, neck, and decollate. 

Happy gua sha-ing!

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