Lymphatic Skin Therapy

I’m so excited to announce that we are now stocking and performing Lymphatic Skin therapy!

Time to RID your SKIN of all those toxins, causing your skin concerns for a GLOWY DETOXIFIED complexion!

How does lymphatic skin therapy work?

It works by using transient pressure to stimulate your circulation and lymphatic fluid which produces oxygen and nutrients to your skin.

The Lymphatic System is made up of many lymph vessels and lymph nodes. The system transfers lymph fluid (which is made up of toxins, white blood cells and bacteria) to the lymph nodes and are excreted via our own body’s waste through going to the toilet and sweating.

With many lymph nodes located around the neck and face, this treatment helps to stimulate and remove toxins for a clearer, healthier skin.

What skins can have this?

Acne: By creating an oxygenated environment in the skin, acne bacteria cannot survive, therefore Lymphatic Skin Therapy is excellent for an acne skin.

Ageing: This skin is excellent for someone concerned with ageing ,as it instantly tightens and lifts skin whilst helping to remove any toxins creating skin cell damage which in turn would increase the effects of ageing.

Dull Skin: Even for just a general skin glow or to improve dull skin, this will certainly help.

Watch your DIET!! It could be affecting your skin and if so, then Lymphatic Skin Therapy is your saviour!

Maybe your lifestyle involves a lot of sun, medication, alcohol, and/or caffeine, that would be attributing to the effects of your skin. It’s time to start this detoxification!

For maximum skin benefits, 3 treatments are recommended weekly- every second week.

Post treatment we suggest to drink a decent amount of water to help flush out those toxins we worked on.

We also suggest drinking at least 2L + anything you lose in exercise daily whilst going through a course of these.

Lymphatic skin therapy downtime and how it feels?

During the treatment, skin will feel extremely tight, and lifting. There may be a slight itch which is completely normal.

Immediately after the treatment, skin feels super soft, refreshed and has a radiant GLOW! ⠀

After the treatment there may be a few red lines on skin. This is an indication of the blood flow being stimulated. This is completely normal and will fade within a few minutes.

If you're new to Chantal Louise Skin Therapy, we recommend you book the skin consultation first. This will allow your skin therapist to help guide you with the best options for your skin. Pssst. Get a $30 voucher to use for your initial consultation.